Quick Way To Find High Quality Expired Domains

A domain name not just acts as an address of your website but it is also the identity of your business.

Getting a good domain name is pretty necessary and important. You need to make sure that your domain name is catchy, easily rememberable and does not contain any slang words. Use of numbers and very long words is also not suggested while registering a domain name.

Along with all this stuff one other important thing you need to check before buying a domain is Domain history. A good domain history means:-

  • The domain is not penalized by Google and other search engines.
  • The domain has some quality backlinks associated to it. Make sure to check the anchor text through which those domains are linking.
  • The domain is never used for any adult or spamy website.

Possibilities are there that the domain you planning to buy is never ever used before. But its always better to buy a expired domain (Domains which are used back in old time are called expired domains)

Good Expired domains have one great benefit and that is they have good domain history. This gives you an advantage on SEO behalf as such domains ranks easily than new domains. (Domain age and quality backlinks helps in ranking easier)

This is the reason these expired domains are used for making PBNs (Private Blog Networks) and are used for 301 redirects to pass link juice. At famous freelancing website Fiverr, you can see thousands of people offering free service of finding expired domains.

How to Find Niche Specific Expired domains

Finding niche specific expired domains is just an easy task. Let us dive into the discussion on How you can do it yourself. I have divided the process into simple steps though.

  • As a very first step, you need to open a Blog directory. Blog directories are those sites where you can find list of all the Bloggers registered there. Consider opening one old Blog directory. In this post, I am taking reference of IndiBlogger which is a pretty old Blog directory particularly for Indian Bloggers.
  • Once you open the Blog directory you need to open up that page where you can search for the registered Bloggers at that Blogger directory. For e.g. IndiBlogger.in has a page where we can specifically search for all the Bloggers registered there. (Refer to the picture given below)
  • You can see the search box clearly in the above picture. Now you need to search for the niche in the search box whose related domains you are looking for. For e.g. I am finding tech related expired domains so I will search for the keyword tech in it.
  • Once I make the search with the keyword tech, pretty thousands of pages comes as a result. Now I will try to go to the last page of the search results. I am doing this because usually old registered Bloggers are at last pages.
  • Now at these last pages you can check which domains are still in use and which are available for registration. It’s a fact that most of the people do not renew their domain after 1 or 2 years. Hence it will not take you much time to find good expired domains.
finding niche domains

Hence this method works pretty fine for finding expired domains. Once you find a good domain you can check its backlinks and their spam score and other factors that I mentioned in the very start of the post. You can use the command site:www.website.com to check whether the domain is indexed in google or not.

To check for what purposes it is used earlier you can use Wayback machine. Moreover to check backlinks, DA and PA I suggest you to make the use of Moz- DA and PA checker.

Bonus Tips

Source: Blogging Surgery

Hence, In this way you can easily find good expired domains. You can use them to pass link juice to your website or to make your own PBN. You can also use this method to make some good money by providing service of finding expired domains.

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