Top 10 Shared Web Hosting Services by Uptime in 2019

It is a big mistake to consider that business does not need a website. It is an essential part of each business and its online representation. When site is not available, it means that part of your business does not work. Though such aspects as design and functionality are important, these features do not matter much without consistent uptime. The company does not look trustworthy when such problems arise from time to time. You just lose your customers, and, consequently, your profit and prosperity if you neglect such features as uptime.

In this way, poor website performance brings to:

  1. Loss of customers
  2. Reduced revenues

You can even lose your company in the long run if you do not pay attention to such potentially profitable market. If you want to avoid it, you should try your best to make the website work smoothly.

Choosing shared hosting plan, the business owners want to economize, but it does not mean that it is hard to find the quality service with highest uptime. 2019 is coming to the end and we make the conclusions about the best shared web hosts using this rating. The companies that enter the list will surely give the stability of your online presence.

HRANK is constantly tracking the work of different shared hosting companies and comes up with results over a period of 30 days. HRANK considers the parameters that are very useful when we select the best web host. Uptime % is a crucial thing for the development of the company so let us look at the top-10 web hosts by uptime.


#1 is a highly reputable web hosting company that was launched in 2002. Though the company does not present the selection of hosting plans and, actually, offers just one variant, it performs its work perfectly. Now it takes the top position by uptime.

#2 WireNine

In contrast to the previous company, WireNine offers a variety of hosting plans to cater to the needs of different categories of clients. The web host offers a lot of tools and services including 1-month free trial and managed WordPress service.

#3 SiteValley

SiteValley founded in 2001 provides service for thousands of web sites and performs its work flawlessly since it has taken the third place in the rating of best web hosts by uptime. Using the advanced software, the company guarantees 99,00% uptime. The main advantages of the company is its responsive customer support that is ready to provide help to you round-the-clock. The site is provided with convenient helpdesk where customers can get help on important issues.

#4 LayerOnline

LayerOnline is a London-based company launched in 2013. The company does not specialize on web hosting services only. Additionally, it offers web development and online marketing services.
It should be noted that LayerOnline is more expensive solution due to unlimited SSD. The choice of options is wide. Each customer can find the variant to his liking. You can contact the support round-the clock via chat available on the site of the service.

#5 ServerPoint

ServerPoint has established its reputation as a reliable web hosting company long ago. It is not surprising as the company entered the industry in 1998. Despite its long work in the market, it has mainly positive reviews. With data centers scattered in different parts of the world, the company is suitable for bloggers and big companies meeting the requirements of different categories of clients. It is also able to manage the website with huge traffic.

#6 is a company that calls itself the best shared web hosting in the United States. The service is offered in different configurations. There are 4 popular ones in different price groups. Along with them, dedicated server plans are offered for users. As you see, the selection of options is huge. Hostakers Company has earned many rewards for its work, which are displayed on the site of the company.

#7 50webs

50webs has been working since 2004. Now it partners with UK company LiquidNet Ltd that specializes on corporate web hosting plans. The joint network serves 160k domain names and has 40k accounts. The web hosting company offers free hosting plans without ads. It made this feature a competitive edge. As you understand, the disk space and number of features is limited in this hosting plan. You can also buy a full-featured plan at a reasonable price. The company offers 5 paid hosting plans with monthly fee from $2 to $7. The customers point out the reliability of the brand, and quality technical support. Though it is not so convenient, the affordable prices compensate this drawback. Besides, the uptime parameters are pretty good so it deserves your attention.

#8 AxisHost

AxisHost is US company, based in Illinois. The company launched in 1997 had everything to develop into a prominent company but it established certain rules of work and sticks to them since then. The site of the company looks outdated and it is evident that the company does not even try to keep abreast of times despite the fact that it works with technologies – the sphere, which is rather vulnerable to changes. Nevertheless, this is not in the way when the company offers its services. High quality performance and excellent uptime is guaranteed.

#9 FreeServers

The company FreeServers has a very nice name. But what stands behind it? The first thing you will notice is a site with outdated design. The company was founded in 1995 and belongs to United Online just like Bizhosting. The company really offers free service for the customers who find 50Mb space sufficient and do not mind ads on their sites. It seems that it is convenient to solve technical issues when using the service as the site displays a national phone number. Though support service seems affordable, its quality remains doubtful. According to the reviews, the members of customer support refused to resolve some issues.

#10 is the last company in the list of best web hosts with records of best uptime parameters. The company founded in 2004 offers versatile web hosting solutions for its clients. You can find the solutions with advanced features and low budget variants in the assortment of services offered to the users. What is good about the service, you can always refuse from it if you are not satisfied with its quality thanks to the money-back guarantee. The support team tries its best to solve your problem at any time of day and night. Using, you get affordable solution with 99.9% uptime guarantee.

HRANK rating considers uptime records taken within the last 30 days. The data is often changes but you can always find updated rating.

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