Twitter Profile Ranking Factors May, 2020

Everybody desire to rank their Twitter profile higher in Search Engine. Those who consistently put effort, they achieve this goal. Here I’m sharing important ranking factors which I learned personally from my official twitter profile. I’m going to share only and only real tips, don’t expect for shortcuts.

  1. The first secret is stick to your niche. It feels me very nice when someone accepts me as I am real. This is important if you want quality followers for the long time being followed by them. When I was new on Twitter, I made a huge mistake that I tried to cover all types of topic. Finally, I learn that it is a better idea to stick on an interesting basis. Initially, I started using hashtag wisely.
  2. Tweet regularly(At least 1 tweet within 72 hours). Keep in mind these guidelines for effective performance.

Best Practices for Tweets

The tweet should be high quality as it can generate higher engagement.

  • Visual content perform better on Twitter. It usually ranks higher in their Search Results. Also, it attracts lots of impressions from many users. Thus, make sure you post tweet most of the time with pictures. For example, share eye-catching and useful infographic. For quick grow, share at least five tweets daily. If you having busy schedule, take help of TweetDeck. This free application can help you to keep active your profile.
  • Just don’t tweet anything which comes in your mind. Fewer quality Tweets are better than having a dustbin page.
  • Spend some time in creating videos and sharing it on the Twitter page. You can also post it through YouTube link.
  • Engage with another status, find the top story with the hashtag. Leave a quality reply.
  • Most of the time, try adding a relevant hashtag in your tweet.
  • Earn more ReTweet, favourite.
  • Mention top influencer official Twitter page handle.
  • Ranking is not tough, if you keep SEO-optimized your Twitter profile with Real Name, complete BIO section and high-quality cover and background photo. I have seen that some people even use the symbol, changed font. These things you should not use or keep it minimum as possible as.
  • Don’t Tweet broken Link, avoid duplicate tweets.

Twitter SEO Tips

  • Twitter Profile age. Old profile rank higher but not all time. What you can do – Don’t change your username. I think, Google trust factor is any link age, but is also a concern for the track record of last week, months and year.
    b. Earn more high quality Backlinks to your Twitter profile. Obviously, you can do this by guest blogging where social media profile links are allowed. You can also link back to various social media channels. More backlink from the old domain can have a positive impact over time. When it comes to high-quality link, it can be checked by numbers of incoming traffics from that particular domain.
    c. Promote your Twitter profile, tweets everywhere as possible as. You should must link it to Google+.
  • Once again, Be active. You can’t expect a better result if you will share five tweets in a month. Unless anything should keep growing either your following, followers or Tweets.
  • Don’t behave like a spammer, Be an influence on Twitter. If you don’t know complete about any topic/interest. Don’t let your hands get dirty into it.Last but not least, I want to say that follow Twitter official Terms, Guidelines if you want to lifetime #1 ranking. I’m damn sure; you will have significant effect in ranking over time.

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