BunnyCDN: Lightning Fast CDN for India

According to Google, 53% of mobile users abandon sites that take over 3 seconds.

CDN is a form of a geographically distributed network that helps serving content quickly from the nearest PoP.

80-90% load time of a website depends on static assets such as CSS, Fonts, JS, Images, etc. Off-loading these static assets to a CDN (Content Delivery Network) can make a site 3x faster.

Introducing ❤️ BunnyCDN 🎉

Launched in 2015, BunnyCDN is a Slovenia based CDN company that provides highly affordable, blazing-fast CDN with enterprise-level of security. Since then company is dominating CDN market with the disrupting pricing and outstanding features. Especially for India, this is the most affordable CDN ever.

Network Locations

The Datacenter location of a CDN greatly matter. As much as closer to your target audience, it would be faster for them.

BunnyCDN has 36 PoPs with Tier 1 network. That's a good thing ! 👌

Point of Presence

Excellent Backend Technology 💪

  • 18 Tbps+ Network capacity
  • SSD powered NGINX Server
  • TLS 1.3, it's 2x faster than TLS 1.2
  • HTTP/2 Network Protocol that is much faster than HTTP 1.1
  • Brotli with fall back to gzip for HTTP Compression
  • Anycast routing

Evident Low Latency Performance 😯

TTFB (Time to the First Byte) is an important metric which indicates the server responsiveness. Ideally, under 200ms is respectful.

Performance Test Result

Priority Support from BunnyCDN Team

Source: BunnyCDN.com/about/
  • My experience with BunnyCDN is like being a privileged customer. 😎
  • I received the fastest technical support with an average response time of 1 hour 33 minutes only. 👏
Support tickets analysis report

A customer-centric company

  • Instead of giving surprise – Before your credit expires, they send a graceful reminder. 👏
  • They are quite active on Twitter with useful updates. 📣

A beginner-friendly Dashboard 👏

The dashboard has a simple UI and comes with easy documentation.


Top 6 Notable Features of BunnyCDN Dashboard 👏

  1. General: Custom CNAME hostnames, HTTP/2, TLS 1.3, Brotli & GZIP Compression, WebP Images, etc.
  2. Security: Let's Encrypt SSL, Country Blocking, One-click CORS headers, Edge Rule, etc.
  3. Billing: Pay as you go, Overcharge protection, pay with PayPal, Credit Card, Bitcoin, credits never expires.
  4. Advanced: API, Edge Rules, the option to Purge Cache Instantly, etc.
  5. Privacy: GDPR compliant.
  6. Logs: Error logs by HTTP response type, Real-time log monitor, etc.
Real-Time Log Monitor

What I am missing at BunnyCDN? 😢

I think these would be a great addition and will make it more impressive.

  • Automatic Instant Purge of BunnyCDN Storage File based on its unique identity
  • Automatic Cache Warm up when file deployed to Storage, cache fill from one to PoPs to others.

Pricing Vs Performace Benchmark 💪

Let's see where BunnyCDN stand in the competition of the CDN market.

  • Pricing: BunnyCDN offers 14 days free trial without credit card. Later, pay As You Go Plan plan. No contract.
  • Performance: I have discovered the average response time of TTFB under 39.45 ms.
  • Reference: According to CDNPerf data, currently BunnyCDN is the 10th fastest CDN in the world
    CDN Performance Benchmark
Region BunnyCDN Pricing
Europe & North America $0.01/GB
Asia & Oceania $0.03/GB
South America $0.045/GB
South Africa $0.06/GB

👉 Since 22 July 2019, BunnyCDN requires minimum $1 monthly payment. Means, your bill cannot go below than this. It can be up as per your usage.

Comparison with its competitors 🔥

KeyCDN offers 1-month free trial, requires a $50 minimum advanced deposit that expires in a year. Performance-wise, it's almost similar to BunnyCDN.


First 10 TB
per month
Next 40 TB
per month
Next 100 TB
per month
Next 350 TB
per month
North AmericaEurope $0.04/GB $0.03/GB $0.02/GB $0.01/GB
Asia Oceania $0.10/GB $0.08/GB $0.06/GB $0.03/GB
South Africa South America $0.14/GB $0.10/GB $0.08/GB $0.05/GB

Amazon Cloudfront, one of the fastest CDN for India, however, it's costly compared to BunnyCDN. They have Pay As You Go model monthly invoice based pricing.

 Per Month   United States & Canada  Europe   South Africa & Middle East  Japan  Australia  Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, & Philippines   India  South America 
 First 10TB  $0.085 $0.085 $0.110 $0.114 $0.114 $0.140 $0.170 $0.250
 Next 40TB  $0.080 $0.080 $0.105 $0.089 $0.098 $0.135 $0.130 $0.200
 Next 100TB  $0.060 $0.060 $0.090 $0.086 $0.094 $0.120 $0.110 $0.180
 Next 350TB  $0.040 $0.040 $0.080 $0.084 $0.092 $0.100 $0.100 $0.160
 Next 524TB  $0.030 $0.030 $0.060 $0.080 $0.090 $0.080 $0.100 $0.140
 Next 4PB  $0.025 $0.025 $0.050 $0.070 $0.085 $0.070 $0.100 $0.130
 Over 5PB  $0.020 $0.020 $0.040 $0.060 $0.080 $0.060 $0.100 $0.125

Cloudflare is a reputed brand, they provide generous free services to try their platform.

They also have Free, Pro, Business and Enterprise plan with big clients and associated with many popular hosting companies like Siteground.

I do not recommend using its free plan for a site with Indian audience due to inconsistent routing to Indian DC, subject to visitor's ISP. 

However, free plan is still good for DNS, and proxy if you just want to sustain your heavy traffic. If you want real improvement in the performance, you should always prefer its premium plans like Pro, Business or Enterprise. Cloudflare CDN by nature works as a reverse proxy not pull zone, so it comes with its own pro and cons depending upon usage case.

Conclusion: BunnyCDN beats everyone in terms of lowest pricing while still delivering amazing performance.

If you want to try BunnyCDN, feel free to sign up free and follow the below steps to set up with WordPress.

Using BunnyCDN with WordPress and Cloudflare DNS 😍

I know that you are thinking, Cloudflare is already a CDN then how we can use together? We can use Cloudflare just as a DNS manager without using its reverse-proxy based CDN.

Required Information

  1. A BunnyCDN account
  2. WordPress Dashboard with the Administrator role
  3. DNS manager (optional if you want to set up custom hostname)

Add a new Pull zone

  • You should choose a custom hostname for branding and SEO purpose.


For example, here I selected cdn.gulshankumar.net

At Cloudflare DNS, point custom hostname to BunnyCDN

Note: TTL can be Automatic or 1 Day. Keep DNS mode only for smooth experience.

Install Let's Encrypt SSL for Custom hostname 🔒

Enable SSL for all hostnames. BunnyCDN will renew automatically before cert expires.

How to Integrate BunnyCDN in WordPress?

  • Install and activate BunnyCDN plugin
  • Configure in advanced mode as indicated below via screenshots
BunnyCDN plugin
Advanced mode configuration

Conclusion as per my personal experience

  • I have nothing against it, all I can say it's worth every penny.



Let me knows if you have any question. I would be happy to clarify. 🤗

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